University of Missouri Kansas City Visits School of Software, NPU-軟件學院
University of Missouri Kansas City Visits School of Software, NPU
December 06,2019

On December 5, 2019, Prof. Kevin Truman, the UMKC Vice Provost and Dean of the School of Computing and Engineering and Ms. Huan Ding, the International Affairs Director of the School of Computing and Engineering visited the School of Software, NPU.

During their visit, Prof. Wei Qianru, the Assistant Dean and Yan Qianwen, Foreign Secretary of School of Software, had a meeting with them. On the meeting, they discussed about the further collaboration plan in the future. Currently, the School had signed “3+1+1” joint student cultivation agreement with UMKC and 2 students have already been studying at UMKC. Besides, they discussed the master degree joint student cultivation plan located in Taicang, and both sides agreed that “2+0.5” master degree collaboration format could possible be a good collaboration option in the future.

Then Prof. Truman and Director Ding gave a talk on the joint programs to the students in NPU. They introduced Kansas City's unique geographical location, adjacent to Los Angeles and New York, as well as Kansas City's beautiful living environment, relatively low-price level. More importantly, UMKC has close contact and cooperation with Cerner and 15 other well-known domestic enterprises. UMKC graduates will also have many opportunities to join these companies for internship and employment. With regard to enrollment policy, he said that international students who come to study in UMKC will also receive generous scholarship from the president. Director Ding showed us the requirements and procedure of the application for the“3+1+1” joint student cultivation program and other study tour programs in summer vocation. Many students are interested in these programs and raised questions about studying abroad. Surrounded by enthusiasm of the students, Prof. Truman and Director Ding answered all the questions in detail and encouraged more Chinese students to study in America and UMKC.